Tahawi and Mansur

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The emir of Egypt, Abu Mansur al-Khazri (d.307/919), paid Imam al-Tahawi a visit. As a way of currying favor with the masses, it was the custom of many rulers to marry their daughters to notable

and beloved scholars. So the emir offered his daughter in marriage to Imam al-Tahawi, who graciously declined. The emir then offered him wealth and land. Imam al-Tahawi also turned down those offers. The emir then asked the imam to request whatever he wished for or needed.

Imam al-Tahawi responded, “Will you truly listen and fulfill my request?”

“Of course!” replied the emir.

Imam al-Tahawi then said, “Be vigilant in protecting your religion in order that it not be lost. Work to free your soul before death’s night falls and you are then unable to do so. Finally, refrain from oppressing and burdening any of God’s servants!”

Upon hearing this advice, the emir left the imam’s house, and it is said that after the meeting, he ceased the transgressions that he had been wont to commit.

Source: Muhammad Zahid b. al-Hasan al-Kawthari, al-Hawi fi sirat al-Imam Abi Ja’far al-Tahawi (Cairo: Maktabat [al-Kulliyyat] al-Azhariyyah li al-Turath, 1995).

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