The Monster Mystery – 1 The big sleep over

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Sleep over

Thunder… lightning and heavy rain. A little girl ran to her home with a fever. She opened the door, ran inside and locked the door tightly. She sneezed and coughed very hard. She went to the

kitchen to ask her mom for hot water. She was coughing as she went to the kitchen. Her mother looked at her as she came in. “What happened Vanessa?” her mother asked.

“I caught a cold as I was coming back from the market” Vanessa replied back. “May I have hot water please?” she asked. “Yes, you may.” Her mother sighed.

After drinking the water Vanessa went upstairs to her room to go to sleep. Then when she woke up saw that she slept for five hours! She remembered that she came home from the market five hours before the night, so now she knew that it was the night.  So she got up and went downstairs to the living room. She just was about to lie down on the sofa when the bell rang. She went to answer it thinking it was her dad. But just in case she saw who it could be. Outside was a man in a dark black suit that was soaking wet. Their uncle was standing there with a mad expression.


Long ago there was a happy family of 5.  Auntie Lola, Uncle George, Mama Savannah, Papa Henry, and baby Vanessa.

“Gaga goony” little Vanessa exclaimed. Uncle George, Auntie Lola, Mama Savannah, and Papa Henry all laughed. “Gooey goody” exclaimed Uncle George. Everyone laughed for they had a good time with baby Vanessa.

Ding-dong! Ding Dong! The doorbell was ringing. “I’ll get it” exclaimed Papa Henry. So on he went.

“Hello” Said Papa Henry.

“Hello. My name is Billy. I work at ‘Donation for the poor’ and I help the poor people. Is there anything that you want to give away?” asked the man.

“Um, one second” said Papa Henry. “Savannah, do we have anything that we don’t need and we want to give away?” called, Papa Henry.

“No, but we do have a little bit of food that is ready made and a microwave” Mama Savannah called back.

“Ok, that will do well can you please give them here?” asked Papa Henry. “Ok, one second, Uncle George, can you please get the microwave and the ready made food please?” asked Mama Savannah.

“I’m on it” said Uncle George. “Gruff” exclaimed Uncle George. “Here we go Henry it is time for it to go to a new family.”

“Ok, here we go Billy, hope it works well” said Papa Henry.

“Alright! Hey I like how it doesn’t have a plug, bet it works on batteries” said Billy.

“Oh it does alright” said Papa Henry agreeing. “Here is the bill and money so bye now” said Billy handing Papa Henry a hundred and fifty dollars. Papa Henry got amazed. He had his mouth open and was fully concentrating on the money that he forgot to close the door. Only when the engine of the car that Billy was driving made Papa Henry come out of his trance. Papa Henry slowly walked to the living room where everyone was. When everyone saw the money they became speechless.

“Where did you get that money?”  Uncle George finally managed to squeak.

“Billy gave it to me of course” said Papa Henry.

“But how though?” asked Uncle George. “With his hand of course” said Papa Henry.

“Gaga” Squeaked Vanessa. “What did she say?” asked Auntie Lola.

“I don’t really understand” said Mama Savannah.

“GAAGGAA!” yelled Vanessa.

“I think she wants to see the money” said Papa Henry.

“Gee gee” said Vanessa.

“Alright, here but be careful with the money ok?” asked Papa Henry.

“Akay!” squeaked Vanessa. She stared at it for a minute and then turned it around. She stared at that place for a minute and looked at the other one. Everyone laughed, even Vanessa with joy. After she was finished looking at it, she was about to put the money in her mouth but then Uncle George took it then said, “We don’t want to get that wet.”

Vanessa laughed again. “Alright, alright, that’s enough that’s enough.” said Uncle George as he was also laughing.  Giggling, Auntie Lola said, “Now why don’t we put that in the bank for the family payment or perhaps Vanessa’s payment?”

“Good idea Auntie Lola” said Mama Savannah.

“Alright then, let’s get started, but first let’s see what Henry there says” said Uncle George.

“If its okay with you guys then it’s ok with me!” said Papa Henry.

“The let get spotted” said Vanessa trying to talk. Everyone gasped they couldn’t believe that Vanessa actually talked. But at the same time they laughed because of how Vanessa was talking in such a cute baby’s voice.

In the bank, it took them fifteen minutes only. Five minutes to think whether to put it in the family’s payment or Vanessa’s payment. Three minutes to explain and put it in Vanessa’s payment. Another three minutes to wait in line. And then finally the last thing was four minutes, which was to talk to the clerk and get the bill. And after this they were finally able to get home.

Uncle George and Auntie Lola were playing with Vanessa while Mama Savannah was cooking. Not soon when Papa Henry also came in and started cooking with Mama Savannah.

Vanessa loved it when her father cooked. It was the best food ever. And she was happy that she had teeth. Her father usually made crunchy foods. But today was different; her dad had made something she did not like, Pea stew. When she was seated in the table and when she had her food in front of her she smelled what it was. She always did that to finish the suspense faster, she didn’t like suspense. When she sniffed she smelled pea stew. She thought that the pea stew was on the other’s plates. But why couldn’t she smell her food? So since she didn’t like suspense she took her spoon put it in her plate and took it to her mouth and ate the pea stew. After the pea stew’s flavor stuck on to her tongue she stuck out her tongue immediately and wiped it with her tissue. Everyone looked at her. She looked at them and said, “I no want this.”

Her mama looked at her and said, “Ok, fine then, have some oatmeal, your favorite” which was actually quite true.


Mama Savannah opened the door and Uncle George came marching in. Mama Savannah helped Uncle George take of his jacket. “What happened?” she asked. “They said at work that if I don’t pay the balance they will fire me!” said Uncle George trying to stay calm.

“What about the family account we have in our bank. They are only asking for one hundred dollars and we have ten thousand” said Vanessa hoping her Uncle would be happy with the idea.

“Hey good idea!” said Uncle George who sounded really happy.

Now since Vanessa heard her Uncle sound happy, she was, too, happy now. So out the Uncle went again, but this time, he had a happy expression on his face. A few minutes after Uncle George left, Mama Savannah was back in the kitchen cooking while Vanessa was resting on the couch watching Titanic laughing, gasping, and crying. It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang again two times. This time, again, Vanessa went to answer it.

There stood a man in a navy – blue suit. “Hello, may I come in? I am awfully soaked wet.”

The voice of her father made Vanessa apologizes and made him get dry and get wrapped up in warm cozy pajamas and lying by Vanessa both had a great time laughing and crying. When the movie ended both daughter and father stood up and applauded loudly which made Mama Savannah come into the room.

Mama Savannah was surprised to find Papa so she asked how he was. “Oh, I’m alright now, I was just watching Titanic with Vanessa. Oh talk about Vanessa I have surprise for you.”

He took out a DVD and gave to Vanessa. “Monster vs. Alien, oh thank you daddy, thank you thank you thank you.” Vanessa said really happily.

Before Papa Henry could say anything more the doorbell rang. “Now who could that be?” said Vanessa as she went to get the door.

“Oh Cassandra how delightful to see you again!” happy Vanessa said. Ever since kindergarten after they met each other they were best and close friends.

“How wonderful to see you too, hey you still have brown hair I thought you said you were going to dye it black like me” said long and black haired Cassandra. “Well I decided I look much prettier with brown hair” said her friend.

“Oh that is good to hear, oh and can I come in now please?” asked Cassandra.

“Oh yes you may, I am sorry to keep you waiting outside in the cold and rain” said Vanessa letting them in.

“Is it okay for me to leave Cassandra here for four days?” asked Cassandra’s mom when she saw Mama Savannah.

“Oh yes it is, even four, wait are you going on business trip which Cassandra is not allowed?”

“Um … yes.” Cassandra’s mom replied.

“Oh it will be delightful to let your trip to be a month don’t you think so?” asked Mama Savannah.

“Well okay if you insist so” said Cassandra’s Papa.

“Yippee yippee” joyful Vanessa and Cassandra exclaimed. So after Cassandra’s parents left Vanessa took her friend upstairs to her room.

“What do you want to play Cassandra?” asked Vanessa.

“Um …what is there to play?” asked Cassandra.

“What about Chess?” asked Vanessa.

“Um … okay but if we are playing and then we have to go eat let’s write down who has to go next, ok?” replied Cassandra.

“Alright then let’s play, yippee” Vanessa said trying to keep calm. So then they started setting up the game. Both were so good at chess that only their kings were left. But at the end Vanessa won the game.

“Hey I just remembered, do you want to um … what’s the word oh yeah do you want to watch ‘Monster vs. Aliens’? My dad just bought it” asked Vanessa as she was cleaning the game with Cassandra.

“Um … sure how about after eating cause’ I think that your mom is calling us to eat” replied Cassandra.

“Alright then beat you downstairs speedy” said Vanessa.

“Of course you know that I am faster than you” said Cassandra racing ahead of Vanessa.

“Wait up oh, ow!” exclaimed Vanessa. “Oh I know that trick all right just come now will you?” asked Cassandra with an annoyed look on her face.

“Oh alright” said Vanessa trying to catch up but couldn’t succeed each time she came near her. Slowly Vanessa started to slow down until she started walking.

“Phew I’ve never noticed how long our staircase was” exclaimed Vanessa who was panting. “Yeah right I always thought it was small, he hee he hee!”  exclaimed Cassandra who was laughing.

“Hurry up or else you will have cold dinner” yelled Mama Savannah in the kitchen, cooking.

“The food is awfully yummy” exclaimed Papa Henry who was also in the kitchen, eating.

“Coming” yelled Vanessa and Cassandra. Both girls fell down on the floor laughing after they came to a safe place for them to fall.

“Hey I like this carpet. It’s like a big mattress that has a nice fluffy feeling on the top” exclaimed Cassandra as they got up and were heading to the kitchen to eat.

“Imm, look at all those yummy food to eat” said Cassandra as they went to the bathroom to wash their hands.

“I was going to say the same thing but you said it. Guess mom made something special since there is a guest in the house” said Vanessa snickering.

“Jinx, 12345678910” Cassandra said super-fast that Vanessa didn’t say anything. Her only answer was wide eyes.


~Shayma bint Nooruddin

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