No Escape From Tests

Written by Nooruddin.

There is no one in the world more idiotic than someone who wants Allah, Transcendent and Resplendent, to grant him all of his desires. If such were the case, then where would the tests come

What is the Mushaf?

Written by Nooruddin.

Al Mushaff‘Mushaf’ literally means “scroll”. It is commonly translated as ‘codex’. When Muslims refer to the mushaf, they mean the pages, ink, and binding that contain a writing of the Quran. So the mushaf

Kitab Al-'Ayn

Written by Nooruddin.

Al-AynKhalil Ibn Ahmad Al-Farahidi (718-791 c.e.) was the earliest and, some say, the greatest linguist in the Arab world. He was born in modern-day Oman, following the 'Ibadi sect. As a young man,

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