Written by Shayma.

Spring fades away,
like all other before
Here is summer,
and flowers fill up the floor.

Bees start to go to and fro
From their hives to flowers

and back home
Birds go back into the sky
Here and there do they fly.

Squirrels and chipmunks,
dart from here and there,
some just lazily roam
Trying to find crumbs and nuts
for the next winter already
Baby birds flap their wings,
trying to fly slow and steady.

Just as will summer fade away
Autumn will come in
Slowly one day.


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0 #2 Shayma Parveen 2014-05-08 01:35
Nope Sufia, I found out immediately. Who else would comment with 'Shayma FanGirl' in all those fancy lettering? But thanks!
0 #1 ©§Ħ∂y₥ﻤ ₣ð₪₢ﺃŗℓƧ© 2014-03-28 05:17
Mashallah what a wonderful poem! I especially love the parts that rhyme. I hope you continue to write more beautiful poems about nature ;-) . I'll be looking forward to them!

It'll take some brain power to decipher the name, and a little more to see if you can remember where it is from.

©§Ħ∂y₥ﻤ ₣ð₪₢ﺃŗℓƧ©

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